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At Total Web Services, we strive to be a top quality provider of web development, design and marketing services through innovation, integrity, and attention to detail. Our mission is to provide the full spectrum of internet-related services to businesses, meaning less time wasted tracking down decentralized service providers and a greater deal of synchronicity between your online efforts. As a small business, we love working with other small businesses and individuals! We strive to be as personable and professional as possible, but most importantly, we get results!

With every day that passes, the internet and technology become more integrated with almost every aspect of our daily lives. People's expectations for websites, and appetites for timely, relevant information, are steadily rising. With that in mind, we are determined to provide all of our clients the cutting edge web presence required to compete and grow in today's competitive market. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!

Stuff We Do

Web Design

Work with expert designers and developers to give your business the professional online presence you want and need. Our customized website design solutions put you in control of every aspect of your site.

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App Development

Do you have a unique and time consuming problem? Custom software development may be the answer. Our team is proficient with the most popular coding languages including C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, SQL, MQL…

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We provide a selection of services that help you clean your site up and keep it free of malware, including WordPress cleanup, hardening, monitoring, and hosting relocation. Each client gets a dedicated direct contact with...

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Web Hosting

Choose a reliable hosting provider who offers the features and services you need! You can count on our web hosting services to keep your site online and at peak performance. Total Web Services provides …

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Total Web Services Advantage

Innovative Expertise

In today's fast-moving, internet-centric culture, you need to be both visible and unique in order to stand out and compete. For every project that we take on, we think outside of the box to come up with a solution that is innovative and purpose-oriented. With our extensive expertise and experience, we will gladly help guide your concept towards success. Schedule your free consultation and see for yourself!

Full Service Digital Agency

It's in our name. We provide a full spectrum of services to bring your web project from idea to market, so you don't have the hassle of coordinating across companies. At Total Web Services, you will get a team of web designers, developers, and digital marketers, as well as domain registration and web hosting, including custom configurations to fit your specific needs.

No Long Term Commitments

At Total Web Services we pride ourselves on the level of quality that we provide our clients, so we don't have to hold anyone captive with fine print long term commitments. Our clients come looking for us, and stay because they love our services.

Dedicated, Personal Support

Our customers get direct, one-on-one contact with the person working on their project. You will always know your contact at TWS on a first name basis, and will never need to go through numerous transfers to get to your contact. With us, it's simple - you work directly with the people invested in the success of your project.  Your satisfaction is our priority.


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Running web apps from a command line

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