html5validation CKEditor Plugin

The HTML5Validation plugin for CKEditor extends the core Forms plugin adding a Form Validation tab onto several elements. This allows you to add HTML5 Form Validation attributes onto your forms inside of CKEditor.

Features Overview

  • Adds Form Validation tab to textfield, textarea, radio, checkbox, and select form dialogs. The Form Validation tab allows you to set the HTML5 Required & Pattern attributes
  • Adds Form Validation tab to form dialog. This allows you to add a novalidate HTML5 attribute to the form tag to disable HTML5 form validation


form-validation-tab  validation-tab


  1. CKEditor version 4.4.7 or greater [](
  2. The Forms plugin for CKEditor (normally installed by default)

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the downloaded repository
  2. Copy the **html5validation** folder to your **”ckeditor/plugins/”** folder
  3. Open the **”ckeditor/config.js”** file in your favorite text editor
  4. Add **html5validation** to **config.extraPlugins** and save your changes. If that line isn’t found, add it. EX:

config.extraPlugins = ‘html5validation’;

Credits / Tribute

This plugin was developed and is maintained by the [](Total Web Services team).

A big thanks goes out to the following people & organizations: – for supporting the development of the plugin.

CKEditor – For providing CKEditor so we could build this plugin for it.

Piotrek Reinmar Koszuliński – A developer on the CKEditor team who pointed us in the right direction with a bug we encountered during development.


Licensed under GPL Version 3.0. For additional details please see the file.