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WordPress Malware Removal Service

As you probably already know, WordPress is a great content management system. That made it very popular for both users and developers. Unfortunately that also means that it’s popular for hacking attempts. If proper care is not taken, hackers can succeed in their attempts. The good news is that most WordPress hacks are not targeted attacks. In all likelihood, you have been compromised by an automated script that is attempting to spread its own malware, host phishing pages on your hosting account or launch denial of service attacks against other websites. Only in rare cases is the attacker after your data. The bad news is that you will be penalized by search engines for hosting viruses and bad content. Some of your visitors may be infected and your website may be used to spread malicious code.

Most WordPress sites get hacked due to out of date WordPress installation and/or plugins. Sometimes plugins have inherent vulnerabilities that have not been fixed or are not publicly known. Infected sites use these vulnerabilities to insert malware into other sites.

Back doors

These are the most dangerous of hacks. They give attackers privileges on your hosting account allowing them to cause havoc. They will be able to install malicious content without the user knowing. As well as steal user information and spread their attacks to visitors and other website that are associated with the hacked site.


These attacks are usually embedded JavaScript content on your site that causes a user upon viewing your content to download a malicious piece of code which when run will infect the client. Most of the time the sites infected with these Trojans do not realize they are causing issues for their clients.


These hacks are by far the most prevalent. The attacker embeds search terms such as Viagra, or other common enhancement drugs into your sites content but then hides the visibility of it. This allows the hacks to usually go undetected for weeks until the search engine results start returning Viagra rather than your sites content.

Malicious redirects

These allow attackers to create traffic and confuse search engines tricking them into believe your site is associated with some foreign content. The symptoms of these attacks usually cause your site when using a search engine to redirect to unwanted content. This can lead to search engines and hosting company to suspend your site until it is cleaned up.

We provide a selection of services that help you clean your site up and keep it free of malware.

WordPress Cleanup

Total Web Services provides top notch WordPress Site Cleanup. Our services range from rebuilding your site to surgical removal of viruses, phishing pages, and malicious content. We will quickly and effectively clean up your website and put it back online.

WordPress Hardening

WordPress Hardening is securing your site beyond the standard install. Weak passwords, outdated and poorly written plugins might compromise the security of your site. We will update your WordPress installation, sift through your plugins and work on minimizing your attack surface.


WordPress Monitoring

WordPress Monitoring provides the peace of mind in knowing your website is being monitored by professional web developers. We will keep your WordPress installation and plugins up to date. We will monitor your site using industry standard tools to ensure the best malware and virus detection available.

Hosting Relocation

Hosting your website on a shared server increases your attack surface. We can relocate your website to a hardened shared servers or even a hardened VPS (virtual private server), improving your chances against potential threats.

We are not selling any automated “anti-virus” software. Each client gets a dedicated direct contact with one of our US-based security experts who will personally work on restoring and hardening your website.

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